Photo by Gustav Holmvik
Welcome to Hot Arctic Kirkenes!

It is time for the festival again! It is still dark. It is still cold. So what? The sun is back, and all of us here make history every day in a fantastic borderland where everything is possible!
We are happy to offer to all of you experiences for heart and mind, ear and eye!
We promise art and culture of high quality, hot debates and lots of new things you have never seen or heard before. Outdoors in the cold and indoors, and both over and under the water!

This year the festival slogan is: BORDERS – CONTROL OR ROCK-N-ROLL?
We will literary rock it here!
We live in the borderland. Now, we take the borders away and we hope that the festival will create many new friendships! Only through cooperation can we build our future!

Welcome to Barents Spektakel/ Barents Days 2009!