Sound Around the Watch-Towers

January 28, Wednesday
Town square

Spektakel exhibiton 2009.
MOMBUS (Murmansk, Russia)
ESPEN SOMMER EIDE (Bergen, Norway)

Curated and produced by Pikene på Broen.
Opening of Spektakel exhibiton 2009 by the Minister of culture TROND GISKE.

Kirkenes got its own Times Square during Barents Spektakel 2008. In 2009 the same Towns Square is transformed into a skating ring guarded by stylized border-towers from different national borders. The guard-towers house soundworks produced by the artists from and outside the Barents region. They reveal exciting realities of life in the borderland. The exhibition is entitled “Sound Around the Watch-Towers”, thus giving associations to a famous song by Bob Dylan: “All Along the Watchtower”.
“The border runs in the river” – one can read this on the border-signs all the way along the rivers Pasvik and Jakobselv which separate Norway and Russia. The borderline by the Storskog station goes across the lake Pikevannet (the Girl´s Lake). In a famous Norwegian comedy the submarine captain Harald Heide Steen Jr. says with a strong Russian accent: «You can not see the border under water, you know».

So we make a skating ring on the Town Square in Kirkenes and place watch-towers around it, thus erasing the borderlines. We invite people to skate or to walk between the border-towers and experience different soundscapes made by Amund Sjølie Sveen from Oslo, Espen Sommer Eide from Bergen, Mombus from Murmansk and Ross Adams and Plaid from London – artists who have worked with Barents-sounds in their art.

Exhibition is opened until 4th of February.