Thursday, 29 January: 17.00
Friday, 30 January: 17.00
Saturday, 31 January: 14.00
Scene 2, kr. 250

Feeling stressed? Need to recharge your batteries?
Indulge yourself! Come to the Classic CultureSpa and let our highly educated and renowned culture-spa-specialists from Norway and abroad revitalize your soul and invigorate your senses.
Sail away from hustle and bustle of everyday life; cast anchor in a lagoon of soft, soothing music and feel the tranquil waves of dance washing away your fears and worries. Let the gentle words of Dostoevsky lull you into a rejuvenating sphere of well-being. Or how about a feisty Ibsen-massage?
Welcome to Classic CultureSpa!

Idea and production: Samovarteateret.
Directed by: Thor-Inge Gullvåg.
Invited artisits: Kathrine Kolgrov (Nor), Nikolay Shchetnev, Timofey Dorofeev, Nazar Onishchuk, Evgeny Shkaev (Rus), Jurgita Miezelyte (Lithv) and Ville Johansson (Fin).

Samovarteateret is located in Kirkenes, and thus – at a meeting point between east and west. Since 1990 Samovar has done theatre productions based on the Norwegian contemporary literature and the local history.