La Compagnie Malabar

January 28, Wednesday
Kirkenes Stadion
Arr: Pikene på Broen

HELIOS II: Saga Of Thousand Suns.
Parade, spectacular show and the best fireworks in Kirkenes history!

Imagine a 24 m long and 9 m high titanic insect. This is Helios, it comes to Kirkenes to tell the story of the birth of the Sun God. Ancestral myths and fanciful legends, magical effects and super fireworks – an unforgettable outdoors performance from a French urban theatre LA COMPAGNIE MALABAR.
Once upon a time, there was chaos. The chaos created an egg and from this egg came the rising sun. You will hear the sound of worships and rituals; you will watch the Followers of the Sun performing a magical ritual with acrobatics, juggling and stilt walking. Discover the birth of the Sun when the dawn of a thousand setting suns will take the Polar night away in a supernatural blaze.

The Company Malabar saw the light of day in 1981, on the Mediterranean coast, bathed in the Catalonian and Languedoc cultures. Since March 2001, Malabar is settled in Quai des Arts in Sommières, Gard, in an ancient goods station.
Composed of a collective of multi-talented theatrical and visual artists from all over Europe, the Company has, from its earliest days, always rejected any space where the show is enclosed. By creating a fantastic universe in the street, Malabar brings you urban shows in perpetual motion where the priority is the interaction with the audience.